Last week a very nice client invited me to the Spirit of Summer Fair at Olympia where they were exhibiting. We went along to show our support and to talk to about the need to ensure your brand is properly protected.

Olympia was awash with great British designers showcasing inspiring and creative fashion and interior designs and products and artisan food producers demonstrating that local food revival continues despite the economic downturn.

We spoke to many exhibitors about trade marks and design rights and heard too many stories of their designs being copied and their creative output being ripped off. Whilst it is impossible to protect an idea, once an original idea is reduced to writing, drawing or CAD it is protected by copyright. You don’t have to register your copyright, merely tell the world that you consider your work to be protected by marking it with the universal copyright symbol ©.

In the crowded marketplace of lifestyle brands, the best way to protect your business identity is to register it as a trade mark. It is a relatively cheap and simple process and at the end of the registration you have a monopoly right to use the name and prevent others from doing so. What’s more, it’s an intangible asset to place on your balance sheet which can be particularly interesting to investors and potential buyers.

For help and advice on brand protection, Trade Mark and Design Registration contact Joanne Frears at jef@jgrlaw.co.uk


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